Specialists in Machine Stretch Film and Hand Stretch Film

Dedicated Experts: Focused stretch film solutions.
Our Mission: Reduce your costs and improve quality and reliability.
Eco Focused: Reduce plastic waste by maximising stretch capacity.

Machine Stretch Films
Hand Stretch Films
Load Stability

Improved Load Stability

Puncture Resistance

Improved Puncture Resistance

Reduced Damage Risk

Reduced Product Damage

Stretch Capacity

Maximise Stretch Capacity

Metres Covered

More Metres Covered Per Roll

Packaging Waste

Less Packaging Waste

Pallet Wrap Specialists
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We Are The Pallet Wrap Specialists

We at Wrap and Pack specialise and deal in all kind of pallet wrapping solutions, also known as Stretch Film.

At such an early age in the industry, Wrap and Pack is already amongst the leading importers and of pallet wraps in the UK. We work with a very clear purpose in our minds, which is to serve trust with the greatest commitment. We like to build strong long term relations with our esteemed by providing them with the best quality products and services at one of the most competitive.

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Jash Pandya
Jash Pandya

Sales Director

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Speak to our experts today

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