Searching For The Best Stretch Wrap Suppliers?

Are you looking for reliable stretch wrap suppliers in the UK? Are your products transported on pallets and need to be well-secured?

Offering a variety of styles of shrink wrap, including hand-roll films, Wrap & Pack can help meet a wide range of budgets.

Shrink wrap is perfect for packaging hundreds of different products. Stretched and heat-sealed around the product, it provides a secure and reliable way to package even the most irregularly shaped items and prepare them for delivery.

Commonly used as an overwrap on many types of packaging such as boxes, cartons, beverage cans and pallet loads, it’s particularly great for selling separate products in bulk. Shrink wrap helps to stabilise such products, unitise them, keep them clean and adds tamper resistance.

Shrink wrap can be the primary wrapping for food as it’s especially good for salads, cheese, meats and vegetables; it is also commonly used in industrial applications.

As stretch wrap manufacturers and suppliers, we specialise in this type of product for pallets.

Wrap & Pack aim to be your complete packaging solutions provider. We pride ourselves on combining a quality service with the best possible products available.

If you need stretch wrap suppliers, simply get in touch today.

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