Need To Buy Quality Pallet Wrap?

When looking for a reliable supplier of pallet wrap, look towards Wrap & Pack for safe and secure packaging. We specialise in cast pallet wrap film and always supply the best products to all our customers.

Wrap & Pack enable you to easily buy pallet wrap at competitive prices online, including:

Machine roll films for use with semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. These high performance films offer savings of up to 50%.

• Colour hand films are available in black or blue and offer highly clarity and tensile strength.

• Hand film rolls which are applied by hand for increased efficiency and have guaranteed length and thickness.

BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) packaging which comes in a variety of forms, including hand-tearable PVC packaging.

Our friendly team are always happy to talk you through the different options available. We have many years of experience in the industry and want to help companies buy the perfect pallet wrap for their purposes. Based in Harrow, London, Wrap & Pack have clients all over the UK who need to regularly buy pallet wrap.

If you’re looking to buy pallet wrap, simply discover more about Wrap & Pack today.

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