Looking For Specialists In Heat Shrink Film?

Are you looking for pallet wrapping solutions and need a reliable supplier of heat shrink film?

Heat shrink wrap, also better known as shrink film, is the best kind of material for products which need securing tightly, including pallets. Usually made of polyolefin, it is available in various different thicknesses, strengths and clarities.

Applied over or around an item, it is then heated by a heat gun or sent through a tunnel/oven for shrinking. This material can be supplied in many different forms, including flat roll-stock, centre-folded film and preformed shrink bags.

Shrink wrap is so versatile it can even be wrapped around buildings, and it’s been commonly used in various art projects along with as packaging for fine art paintings.

Some common uses of this material include securing boxes, keeping canned goods and drinks unitised, providing extra security and as the primary packaging solutions for foods, electronics, compact discs, and more. It’s also great for sealing in books, magazines and comics so they won’t be read before purchase.

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