Looking For A Reliable Pallet Wrap Supplier?

Wrap & Pack are highly experienced pallet wrap suppliers who can offer a variety of types of packaging, including machine film rolls, colour hand films and BOPP packaging.

Ideal for industrial companies who need a regular supply of stretch film and shrink wrap, all our products are sourced from ISO approved manufacturers and are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality.

When delivering pallets it's absolutely essential they’re packaged safely and securely. Our suppliers can offer a number of products at competitive prices to make sure that happens, including colour hand films available in black or blue. This type of stretch film can be applied by hand for increased efficiency, offer a high clarity and excellent tensile strength.

Discover stretch film with incredible capabilities.

Our standard stretch film can be expanded 180% and is ideal for semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. However, we offer stretch films which can expand up to 350% with our Super Power Max Stretch. Offering guaranteed length and thickness, our stretch film is available from 12 microns to 34 microns and stretch from 150% - 350%.

If you're looking for stretch film suppliers, why not discover more about Wrap & Pack? Or simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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