A Leading Supplier Of Machine Film Rolls

Do you need a reliable supplier of high performance machine roll films? If your company specialise in wrapping pallets, Wrap & Pack could be your ideal manufacturer.

We can supply machine film suitable for either automatic or semi-automatic machinery at highly competitive prices. We specialise in stretch film for pallets and our high performance films offer guaranteed length and thickness.

Our machine roll films are available from 12 microns to 34 microns capable of stretching from 150 to 350%.

Enjoy the best machine film rolls at the most competitive prices.

Our services include providing next-day deliveries for our clients and we always have a full product range in stock including machine pallet wrap.

Located in Harrow in London, Wrap & Pack supply stretch film to companies all over the UK. The price of our stretch film is subject to a minimum order quantity of one pallet. We’ve been importing and distributing stretch film for many years ago and have grown to become one of the most popular suppliers in the UK.

Why not discover more about our machine pallet rolls today?

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